zondag 15 mei
Deur 19:00 - Aanvang 20:00

Helaas gaat deze show niet door, Beltez heeft spijtig genoeg moeten annuleren. Tickets worden automatisch geretourneerd en het aankoopbedrag wordt teruggestort op het bij ons bekende rekeningnummer.

Statement Beltez:

A lot can change in just under 24 hours. While we were celebrating our past concerts and were looking forward for the ones this weekend, Dominik informed us that he will be unable to perform this weekend due to some serious illness of one of his sons. He also told us he had realized that juggeling a young family, a fulltime job and an active band might be too much and thus will leave the band.Therefore, we have to cancel our upcomming concerts this weekend. We are super bummed about this (while we fully understand Dominiks decision). The Show in Kiel has been canceled by the promoter.

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