zaterdag 20 juli
Deur 23:00 - Aanvang 23:00

Let’s goooo, the most underrated and overpromoted house party with the best vibes and happy people is back to deliver. This time with another quality line-up, bringing back some familiar faces and introducing some new DJs to the party.

Starting off the night will be a b2b between Sikkema and Douter. Sikkema is a new DJ in the scene. He caught our attention at a house party, playing a wide variety of house, and chugging some yellow fermented hops. His tunes really got us going, we ended up staying until 6 in the morning. Douter is a familiar face for anyone who’s seen the inside of Neushoorn. He told us he very recently got in touch with his own sound again, we are very curious to hear what bangers he has in the bag for us, and very curious to hear his next moves as he is definitely one to watch.

Following up this sicko b2b is Pott, who, let’s be fair, needs no introduction. He started off his career on the harder side of dance music, but now is gravitating more and more towards sexy house, hardcore and trance. Having played on the bigger events such as Nachtcollege and local initiatives such as Tuinfeest, he was one of the first to visit the Penthouse parties.

After Pott, Renceau shall be celebrating his birthday party in the Penthouse. Let’s not stroke his ego too much, but 2024 started off wildly with a debut on national radio, becoming a resident at Bivsii, and more and more shows across the Netherlands. His productions are starting to get played by the bigger names and he has some exciting bookings set for this summer. Exciting times require exciting tunes, so stay late and don’t get played.

Finishing off the night shall be done by resident Rusch, one of the most talented and underrated DJ/producers in Leeuwarden. This dude deserves to be heard like no other and we feel if people took a good listen, he could very easily be one of the hot shot names in the next years. Recently he released some tunes which have gained support through the speakers of Maxi Radio and Bivsii Zonnewende to name a few. Born and raised in Liwwadden, he is now eager to introduce his UK sound to all the dancefloors he can find.


23:00 Deuren open
23:00 - 00:00 Douter B2B Sikkema 
00:00 - 01:30 Pott
01:30 - 03:00 Renceau
03:00 - 05:00 Rusch

Location: Neushoorn Café | Big bags aren't allowed: more info | Age: 18+

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